Four Reasons to Implement an Intranet

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There are many benefits to using an intranet, here are our top four reasons to implement one: 

Improved communication

An intranet is a great way for employees from any department or team to share their knowledge and relevant data. Knowledge sharing among employees is an important aspect of any workplace, it helps the employees grow as individuals and acts as an informal cross-training strategy. Intranets not only allow you to share information, but also provide feedback. When communication is centralized it reduces the number of emails and meetings making more efficient use of everyone’s time.

Access to information

With the increase of people working from home it is more important than ever that employees are able to access important information and data remotely. This information can range from HR policies to strategic planning or instructional guides. Intranets are often equipped with search tools making it quick and effective for employees to find the information they are looking for. Similarly, for new employees, they will have all the required information at their fingertips to get them up to speed.

Engaged and connected workforce

An organization’s intranet can be accessed remotely which makes it excellent for ensuring every employee no matter where they are located has access to the same information and feels involved in the current happenings. It promotes collaboration and teamwork by bringing everyone into the same virtual “room”, a place where employees ideally feel comfortable to share thoughts and ideas. Use this 5 step checklist to ensure your intranet's content is inclusive. 

Working from home

Enhanced workplace culture 

Intranets can be the perfect place for employees to recognize each other’s work and stay involved in company events and activities. The intranet can also help bring the organization’s culture into everyday tasks, reminding employees of company values, standards, and why they have chosen to work at that organization.

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Intranets can have a wide range of functionalities and can look very different from one another, based on long term goals. If your organization primarily communicates online and you have employees working remotely, it could be time to think about taking the next step and implement an intranet.  If you would like to learn more about this process, speak to our team of experts today.