Township of Clearview

An Accessible Platform Designed to Serve Citizens
A new website design with a focus on accessibility helps the Township of Clearview better serve all its citizens.

The Township of Clearview's beautiful rural backdrop and array of services and amenities make it a welcoming place for residents and visitors alike. Growing interest in the area as a place to lay down roots, and as an all-seasons recreational destination, meant the time was right for the Township to refresh its online presence. With just over 15,000 permanent residents, many visitors, and a host of local businesses, our municipal website redesign needed to ensure this essential touchpoint was accessible and easy-to-use while showcasing all the region has to offer. 

The Challenge

The Township asked Upanup to build a digital solution that helps citizens of all abilities to engage with information and features on the site. For this project, we were excited to leverage our experience creating government and education websites, building solutions that meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) standards, to provide the Township with a new platform that is eye-catching, user-friendly and easy to navigate.

How We Helped

From the start of this website redesign, we knew that we would achieve the best results for the Township by going beyond basic accessibility considerations, like tests for colour contrast. A thoughtful approach to accessibility addresses the full gamut of circumstances that make conventional sites challenging for users. Visual impairment, for example, includes complete blindness, colour blindness, or squinting at a smartphone screen in bright sunshine— and accessible design solutions take all these cases into account. Embracing accessibility within our brand strategy and design, we worked with the Township to ensure compatibility with best practices and tools that enhance the experience of every website user.

Project Features
Accessible Design
Solutions that are inclusive and usable for audiences with different levels of ability.
Custom Solutions
Responding to unique challenges and turning those into opportunities for our clients.
Integrated Online Tools
Things work better when they work together – we streamline online tools and programs.
User-Friendly CMS
A custom implementation of Drupal provides a reliable, intuitive and flexible platform.
Multi-site Housing
Multi-site housing within Drupal CMS to enable integrated microsites that work together.
User-Focused Designs
Seeking and incorporating design feedback to connect with specific audiences.
The Result

The new, award-winning Township of Clearview website, and accompanying Discover Clearview property, show the municipality's commitment to providing the best experience and service possible to its residents and visitors. The redesigned site offers intuitive navigation by keyboard or mouse, better access to essential information and common tasks, and a live events calendar— all in a compelling, visually pleasing design that highlights the Township's character and landscape. The result is a resource that Township staff can easily maintain, while offering a rich, seamless experience for all audiences.

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