How to Build an Effective SEO Strategy

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That's why we're often asked about search engine optimization (SEO), and how we approach the challenge of improving a website's search ranking. What does this mean to us? Well, many people assume that SEO strategy basically equates to keyword research and implementation. In practice, that aspect is just one part of a complex process. For a webpage to rank highly, you need to show a search engine that yours is the highest quality and most relevant webpage for those search terms.

As with paid advertising, the way that Google ranks sites for SEO is always changing and there are always new tactics we can implement to help organizations rank well for search terms essential to their goals. That's why we take a holistic approach to SEO services, which means considering all elements of a site's content—not just the words on the page. Some of these elements include:

  • Site navigation that is clear, logical, and easy for Google to index.
  • Page titles and headings that use appropriate, consistent styles (for instance, Heading 1 for titles).
  • Images that don't include text and use a best-practice approach to alt tags (see this article about how to write alt text).

Basic practices like these set a site up for success, but for SEO to deliver results, website content also requires consistent maintenance. Common mistakes like duplicate or irrelevant content, broken links, sloppy (or non-existent) formatting, and improperly managed images will all work against your website and can lower your search rankings. 

Of course, effective keyword research is also essential to a successful SEO strategy, and we take care to ensure that the keywords an organization targets are relevant to their goals and their audiences. We can provide recommendations on where and when to use keywords within website content for optimal searchability, avoiding practices like keyword stuffing (loading a page with keywords) and keyword cannibalism (too many identical or similar keywords on your site) that can hurt rather than boost your ranking.

Whether your goal is to drive traffic to your site to increase conversions, or encourage engagement with online tools and website features, SEO is one tool in our suite of content strategy and management services to help to achieve those targets. Once an SEO strategy is in place, we regularly analyze results and make adjustments, working with our clients to build on successes and seize opportunities for growth. An effective SEO strategy means playing the long game; actions you take now build results over time. 

Need help building an SEO strategy to improve your rankings? Talk with our Google Partner-certified staff to learn more.