12 Ways to Make the Most of Social Distancing

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Virtual board games

Friday evenings my siblings and I all FaceTime and catch up with each other while playing Monopoly online. The winner seems to make the rounds each week, we're all really competitive!

- Austin, Developer in Calgary 

Driveway parties

When it's nice out our family sits out on our driveway and we have brief chats with our neighbours as they walk by. It's a win-win because we can get outside and stay social, with no obligation for a long conversation, all while staying more than six feet away from each other. 

- Michelle, Operations Manager in Kitchener 

Resting up

Sleeping in an extra 30 minutes!

- Esrah, Developer in Victoria (who is a bit sleep-deprived as the dad of a baby daughter)

New kitchen skills

I've been baking (and eating) sourdough bread. Lots and lots of bread. Summer might be cancelled, so why not, right?

- Amanda, Marketing & Communications in Victoria

Exploring neighbourhoods

I've been going on bike rides and drives daily and discovering new streets and parks around my neighbourhood that I've never checked out before.

- Eddie, Designer in Victoria

Happy hours

We call friends after work for happy hour drinks! Several of our friends live in the UK, Ireland, and the States, and we're getting the chance to connect more than we did before. On Fridays, we do face masks.

- Elaine, Designer in Calgary

Getting stronger

I've been staying active (and sane) by doing live online fitness classes right from my living room. I've had to get creative and use household items as weights - frying pans and laundry detergent have come in handy!

- Kali, Marketing & Communications in Calgary

Building virtual spaces

We have been playing Sims together and building a lush, beautiful virtual cottage. Since we cannot get out as much, it's been a fun way to change the scenery while doing creative problem-solving.

- Elliot, Senior Designer in Victoria

Growing gardens

Spending lots of time outside in the evenings and on weekends. We’ve wanted to landscape our backyard and fix up the gardens since we moved into the house a few years ago, and now we have lots of time to get our yard ready for summer.

- Leanne, Communications & Support in Victoria

Multiplayer video games

I'm playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Haven't picked up a video game in years and I'm loving every minute of this one. My brother and I connect to trade goods and he sometimes visits my island to steal things. It's fun and can be quite time-consuming, in a good way!

- Gretchen, Project Coordinator in Victoria

Barre classes

My instructors are streaming workouts live on Instagram and it's been great to see their familiar faces and my fellow gym-goers in the comments. I never would have thought of barre class as a "community" but I actually really appreciate them working to keep us connected. Plus, my husband has joined in and finally understands how hard it is.

- Kate, Content Strategist in Victoria

Getting creative

We've been making all sorts of crafts. It's amazing to see the creativity that comes from paper, scissors and glue. And living room dance parties after dinner using "Just Dance" on our Nintendo Switch! Kids versus parents is always preferred.

- Ava, Client Relations Manager in Calgary