TPC Financial Group Ltd.

Retainer Website Improvement Services for the Private Sector

TPC Financial Group Ltd. (TPC) provides comprehensive financial plans across Canada to help others achieve their financial goals. Their custom plans for professional and personal finance cover all the bases from incorporation to retirement. Upanup was excited to work with TPC to redesign and develop their website and we continue to grow our relationship with them by providing ongoing services through our monthly retainer. 

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Services Provided

  • Accessibility
  • Accessible Design
  • Content Strategy
  • Project Management
  • Integrated Online Tools
  • Website Improvements
  • Accessible Design

The Challenge

TPC strives to maintain a high level of accessibility for their website to ensure all users can navigate the site and find the information they are searching for. To assist them with this, we regularly connect with the TPC team and provide recommendations and maintenance services to keep their website running smoothly and consistently improve it for their users. Accessibility is factored into everything we do at Upanup. We use the WCAG 2.1 AA standards as guidelines for our work, however, it is important to maintain a site’s accessibility after launch. TPC wanted to know the current state of their website’s accessibility and how to improve it. To learn more about accessibility view our recent news post
Additionally, to enhance their users’ experience and create internal efficiencies for their team they wanted an online tool that could provide support and information to those that were trying to decide if professional incorporation was the right decision for them.

TPC website homepage
TPC Incorporate tool

The Solution

To determine their website’s accessibility we decided to perform an accessibility audit on their website. This service includes doing a full site review from development and design perspectives to find areas within the website that can be improved. Some improvement examples include control and button visibility, link titles, descriptive text and button hover capabilities. Once we identified any issues, we made recommendations to be approved and then implemented them on the live site. 
To meet the needs of their users we worked with their team to create an interactive “Should I Incorporate?” tool directly on their website. TPC provided us with valuable information that was to be included and Upanup designed and developed a tool that is accessible, easy-to-use, and seamlessly matches their existing website. Users go through several steps with multiple choice questions and the tool populates a recommendation based on the user’s responses. View the new tool here!

TPC picture, people sitting at a table
Writing at a desk

The Results

We provided TPC with an in-depth report based on the findings from the accessibility audit. This report includes recommendations for ways to ensure issues do not arise in the future, as well as a plan for the next few months and how we can implement our action plan to make their website meet the ideal accessibility standards. 
The new interactive tool on their website is very valuable to their users, providing them with many considerations and the reasoning behind them when deciding to incorporate. The tool is used not only as a way to provide users with valuable information, but also provides an option for responses to be submitted and to schedule a meeting for a complimentary consultation with a TPC advisor to help potential clients take the next step in planning.
Upanup’s monthly retainer services provide our clients with peace of mind knowing we are performing updates and maintenance on their website. It allows us to consistently look for ways to make improvements to their website to ensure it remains modern and valuable to their users. Our retainer also includes marketing services to help our clients reach their business and marketing goals. Contact our team today to learn more about our retainer services or to book an accessibility audit.