10 Ways a Dynamic Infographic Can Help You

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Urbansolar infographic on ipad

Urban Solar’s team connects with hundreds of decision-makers at trade shows every year. It can be next to impossible to engage every potential buyer— especially with a crowded booth. To help solve this issue, they asked us for a tool to capture attention and give their team strong talking points.

The result: a custom-built dynamic infographic. It’s an eye-catching webpage their team can display to show the unique benefits of commercial solar lighting. Here are 10 ways a tool like this can help your organization:

  1. Grabs attention. Trade shows and events are full of distractions— animations and illustrations capture and keep attention better than flat, static graphics.
  2. Fun to read. An appealing, easy-to-follow design makes technical details much easier to absorb.
  3. Gives you time. People can check out the infographic at their own speed, giving your team time to speak in-depth with potential clients— and it makes for a great reference point in conversation.
  4. Looks polished. The responsive design looks great on a widescreen or a smartphone (no annoying zooming in and out!) and suits any set-up.
  5. Shares easily. People can easily refer back to and share the webpage, keeping your organization front-of-mind long after the trade show or event.
  6. Gives you flexibility. Even without a strong internet connection (or any connection at all!), a motionless version is polished and effective.
  7. Helps search rankings. The infographic is already a webpage and can easily be incorporated in your organization’s website, contributing to better search rankings.
  8. Provides versatile assets. Vector illustrations mean these high-quality graphics can easily scale up and down for future applications.
  9. Upgrades your marketing materials. The branded graphics are tailor-made and can be used for a huge array of marketing applications— from your website and slide decks, to brochures and trade show booths.
  10. Stays up-to-the-minute. A webpage gives you future flexibility. The infographic can easily evolve as your company grows and changes, making the most of your investment.

Want to see our handiwork in action? Check out the dynamic infographic (and take a look at Urban Solar— they do amazing work!). 

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