At Upanup, the safety of our clients, staff and communities are paramount and we are committed to doing our part to slow the spread of COVID-19. As part of these efforts, our teams in Victoria, Calgary, and Kitchener have been working from home with virtual meetings and secure access to tools and resourcesproviding uninterrupted support for our clients.

Over the past months, this has included working with our clients to keep their audiences informed through crisis communications, expedited website updates and builds, and flexible marketing strategies. We're leveraging online tools and software to make sure that our clients' staff members, customers and audiences get the information they need. This includes helping with solutions like:

Emergency alerts

Our clients have an urgent need to deliver information to audiences as the global crisis evolves. To do this, we've assisted with the implementation of emergency alert systems for government websites, ensuring that important updates are prominently displayed and immediately accessible to visitors.

Penticton Homepage Alert


Employee portals

At this time of uncertainty, we've helped large organizations deliver essential information to their employees clearly and efficiently by designing and launching portals that allow staff to ask questions about benefits and other policies affecting them during the current COVID-19 crisis. These sites ensure that all employees can access answers to common concerns quickly and efficiently, while reducing the volume of enquiries administrators must respond to individually.  

Westerkirk Employee Portal


Information hubs

Slowing the spread of COVID-19 and minimizing its impact on communities requires public access to information that is clear, current, accurate and science-based. To help equip people with the best information available, we've worked with organizations to launch hubs where they can aggregate the latest content from reliable sources and share it within their communities. 

See FNLC's COVID-19 information hub

Email notification systems

We've also helped create and implement email notification systems to keep citizens up-to-date on COVID-19 developments in their communities, alleviating the need to constantly check their local government website. These email notifications can be sent to subscribers automatically when our clients make updates to their on-site emergency alerts, helping save time and streamline internal processes. 

Website changes

We've been working with clients to make sure that their websites reflect shifting priorities due to the global health landscape. Our ability to rapidly update messaging, design new elements and create alert features have helped organizations adapt immediately to changing needs.



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