Oh, what will we do without IE8?


There's nothing like opening up a test site in Internet Explorer 8 for the first time. Granted it's a lot less painful since support for its predecessor died an inevitable death, but nonetheless there's that familiar feeling of "oh, right...the max-width image bug" and "of course that font doesn't render nicely" and "geez, the FOUC is gross".  Just for a second take a look at the evidence. It's damning. IE8 hurts efficiency, workflow and our sunny dispositions.

Very recently, Google announced an official death watch on Internet Explorer 8, with Google Apps ceasing support for IE8 on November 15th, and no matter how you look at it, it's an important advancement for business and web development. Certainly a few IT departments might be scrambling to update workstations from Windows XP (rightly so, in my opinion), but this announcement had a sense of inevitability about it for which many should have prepared. Internet Explorer 8

As the countdown on IE8 officially gains traction with Google's announcement, we can envision production without senseless hours consumed to muscle IE8 into submission. Though you made us question logic at times, and managed to regress in certain areas from IE7...oh, what will we do without you, IE8?

If it makes sense, we encourage clients to adopt a "modern and mobile first" approach. It's our job as developers to accept and preach industry advancement in order to gently nudge 'holders-on' forward. As a growing number of websites begin to display "please update your browser" notifications to IE8 users, we know that eventually they'll do so. Upanup is excited and dedicated to ensuring the interface and development core of your online solution is forward-thinking, leaving IE8 headaches to IT departments.

By Richard Hammond
Partner & Lead Developer
September 26th, 2012
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