Accessible Web Solutions

Upanup is a leader in accessibility (also known as a11y) and user experience (UX) research. We take a user-focused approach to create solutions that are accessible to all and we provide support to our clients for creating compliant content for their audiences. 

What is Web Accessibility? 

The Internet is made up of users with different abilities, impairments, and contexts. Web accessibility refers to ensuring websites, technology and content are created so that everyone can comprehend, operate, understand and use information and services online. Some examples include websites that can be navigated by keyboards or assistive devices, ensuring images have alternative text where necessary, and content is clearly organized with logical headings. Governments are increasingly implementing laws to encourage organizations to provide websites and content that are accessible to everyone (e.g. AODAB.C. Accessibility ActManitoba Accessibility Legislation, and Americans with Disabilities Act).

Accessibility Statement 

Upanup is committed to creating web solutions that are accessible for people with disabilities, and meet the WCAG 2.1 Level AA standards. Our internal teams strive to achieve AAA standards and do so wherever they can.

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Commitment to Progress

Our purpose at Upanup is to make life easier for people through better online experiences and access to information. We continuously grow and share our knowledge surrounding accessibility. It is factored into everything we do and engrained into every site and design we create. We offer various services, resources, and learning opportunities to our team and our clients to ensure that together, we can make the web more accessible.

Get in touch and let us know how we can assist you in reaching your web accessibility goals!

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