WesternOne (now merged with United Rentals) provides expert services including aerial equipment, construction heat services, temporary power, film set equipment and fuelling services. The company has about 20 locations and an established name in many industries in Western Canada. WesternOne identified a need for remote monitoring of construction and industrial sites. For this project, Upanup provided WesternOne a full range of services for launching and promoting WEDGE. This included marketing strategy, planning, scripting, writing, video, UI design, on-site signage, and product packaging design.

Services Provided

  • Brand Strategy & Implementation
  • Custom Solutions
  • Graphic Design Services
  • UX Research, Testing & Strategy
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Content Strategy

The Challenge

WesternOne's concept for a new remote monitoring system, based on emerging smart worksite technologies, had the potential to be a game-changing tool for the construction industry. To get their product to market, they required a comprehensive plan to establish a new sub-brand and ensure a great user experience for their customers.

Wedge box
Wedge device

The Solution

We supported WesternOne throughout the development of the WEDGE system, starting with initial branding exercises to establish a name and visual brand that communicates the edge that it offers its users. From there, we created and tested an intuitive interface that makes it easy to use on-the-go.

Using a multi-channel marketing strategy, we helped to place WEDGE in the hands of the contractors, project managers, and site supervisors that need it most.

Wedge website screenshot
Wedge website screenshot

The Results

We provided WesternOne with a complete suite of services to get WEDGE from prototype to launch. Thorough research and testing helped us develop a streamlined interface that allows customers to view data about their worksites any time, anywhere. Meanwhile, strategic branding and ongoing advertising efforts (such as their WesternOne WEDGE promotional video), coupled with a new microsite, positioned WEDGE for success in the construction and development industry.

Update: Our team designed and built new sites in 2018 for WesternOne (since acquired by United Rentals), including a microsite for WEDGE.