School District 60: Peace River North

School District 60: Peace River North (the District) is located in northeastern British Columbia near Fort St. John. The District covers a wide region that includes a total of 24 different schools.  The District website and each of its school sites act as an important information hub for all of the students and their families. They use these websites as a resource for current information on bus statuses, events, safety updates and much more.

Services Provided

  • Accessibility
  • Multi-site System
  • User-focused Design
  • User-friendly CMS
  • Content Strategy

The Challenge

The District was looking to redesign their website along with the websites for each individual school in their district and some departments. It was imperative that each site had a cohesive design so it would be evident which schools belong to School District 60: Peace River North. However, each school is a separate entity and wanted to display their own individuality and culture. 

The District serves such a large number of students and families that it was very important for the platform to be user friendly and accessible. With new updates and content to be uploaded frequently, it was also important that staff members from each school would have the ability to control their own content.


The Solution

To meet the needs of the District, our team created two templates with three colour variations so that the websites would all look similar and yet each school was able to customize their site. We also employed a content migration tool to automatically port over all the content, since the previous sites had a large amount of information that had to be ported over. Additionally, with such a large amount of content, it was important that the sitemap was laid out in a way that each piece of information was in a location that users were able to find easily. 

Website Desktop
Website Mobile

The Results

Upanup created the District’s site, 24 school sites and 18 department sites that are all focused on user-accessibility with features such as colour contrast, distinct highlighting features and much more. The websites also include important features such as current bus statuses, routes, news updates all within a clear sitemap path. Through customizing our WordPress solution we were able to create a user-friendly CMS for not only end-users, but also staff who are responsible for updating and adding content to the websites.

"The Upanup team has been a pleasure to work with. Capable, creative, professional and prompt. Upanup provided new designs for our School District, Departments, and Schools, modernized our approaches to websites, and supported the transfer of over a decade worth of content and our stories."

Jarrod Bell
Director of Instruction, School District 60: Peace River North