User experience research and strategy

We've worked with FortisBC on numerous projects designed to improve their online services and provide their customers with better digital experiences. As one of British Columbia's primary utility providers, FortisBC serves customers across the province, and is always looking for ways to make it easier for people to access information about their services and to carry out tasks online. From the start, our long-term partnership with FortisBC has emphasized the creation of positive, frictionless experiences that make customers' lives easier. 

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Services Provided

  • UX Research, Testing & Strategy
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • User-focused Design
  • Custom Solutions
  • Accessible Design

The Challenge

FortisBC provides a range of digital properties and services, and works consistently to ensure that their platforms meet ever-changing customer expectations and standards for web usability. Their stakeholders know the updates to their properties should respond to customers' real needs, and that user feedback, testing and data are central to the success of their online initiatives.

FortisBC worker in a work truck
Girl looking through binoculars with FortisBC Hardhat

The Solution

We've worked with FortisBC's internal teams to proactively identify opportunities to streamline services and improve designs, resulting in a more cohesive digital experience for customers and improved access to essential services and information. In addition to design updates, we've facilitated user experience testing sessions, compiled findings and developed recommendations to better serve customers based on real, demonstrated needs.

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The Results

Building on their stakeholders' expertise and user knowledge, our team has helped FortisBC create a digital environment that is shaped by research and testing, constantly evolving to better serve their users. We continue to work with them to develop new strategies and solutions that ensure seamless, intuitive and, most importantly, useful experiences for their customers.