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Digital Solutions to Connect Citizens

The City of Penticton is a busy urban centre, situated between two gorgeous lakes in the Okanagan Valley. The area is famous for sandy beaches and more than 80 lush vineyards typically packed with tourists in the hot summer months. With its popularity as a vacation spot, the City serves three distinct and important audiences: locals, businesses, and visitors. The municipal website is an important hub for these audiences to access information and connect with City services. Today, more than ever, it is a vital platform to share news and resources during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Services Provided

  • Content Strategy
  • User-focused Design
  • User-friendly CMS
  • Custom Solutions
  • App Design & Release

The Challenge

After ten years of service, the City sought to replace their aging municipal website with a scalable, leading-edge solution that offers greater functionality and ease-of-use for their audiences and staff. City staff were focused on a complete reorganization of website content along with a modern and mobile-first design. They looked for a platform with intuitive content management tools where departmental staff could easily create and manage website content, streamlining workloads for their Communications Team.

City of Penticton homepage view
City of Penticton mobile homepage views

The Solution

To achieve their aim, we helped the City launch a brand-new website and corresponding mobile app. Our strategists worked with the City and a local content consultant to fully transform their sitemap and content, making it much easier for people to locate information. The new menu needed to be intuitive and content needed to be organized for three distinct audiences. From the start, City staff were very engaged and shaped every piece of content for an excellent user experience. We customized our best-practices Drupal 8 municipal solution to launch a flexible website and app that serve the City's needs.

City of Penticton main menu view
City of Penticton COVID-19 toolkit mobile views

The Results

The City's new website features:

  • A unique homepage with different content displays if the user selects to view as a resident, business, or visitor. 
  • Pages with scannable icons and clear, concise information.
  • A vertical main menu design is mobile-first for an easy-to-navigate user experience on every screen size.

To help people keep up-to-date on the latest news, without needing to check back to the website, the complementary mobile app sends users push notifications and helps people communicate directly with the City while on the go. The new website's launch coincided with the start of the COVID-19 health crisis. City staff have quickly provided helpful information to their audiences, leveraging the website's customizable homepage banner, announcements and alerts, and email notification system. Check out the new website here