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Upanup collaborates with businesses and brands to create enterprise-level website solutions that address your challenges head on.

We're experts in web design and development and we create custom solutions to meet your unique needs. We've developed a reputation for our ability to easily manage in-depth projects that include various challenges like data integration, comprehensive stakeholder consultation, and amalgamating existing websites and systems—and doing it on-time and on-budget (just ask our clients).

Empowering you for success.

As our client, we will ensure you have the information and the tools you need to make the key decisions that will shape your project. We work on a well-organized timeline, with defined tasks, deliverables and roles. You deal primarily with a strategist on our team, but also have direct access to the designers and developers at appropriate times.

What's it like working with Upanup? 

From some of our long-time private sector clients:

"We engaged Upanup to develop our new website and were extremely impressed with the outcome. The upfront effort they put in to help define our concept was impressive and they were an imaginative flexible and hard working implementation team. They've now become our long term partners on a range of digital projects. Above all they are fun and exciting to work with."

- David Heath, Viking Air Ltd.

"Why do I like Upanup? I think the firm exceeds where many other have failed for me in the past. They listened to our dreams – and heard our constraints...I really don’t know how they did it, but Upanup accomplished both for us we got our dreams within our constraints, a clean, modern and responsive website design that didn’t stress our older infrastructure."

- Tara Knight, West Fraser

We know you have questions about your upcoming website project -- likely a lot of them! How long will your project take? What platforms do we develop on? And, of course, how much will it cost

To talk about these, and any other questions specific to your project, get in touch today. 

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