Corporate & Marketing Websites


Upanup collaborates with businesses and brands to create enterprise-level website solutions that address your challenges head on.

We're experts in web design and development and we create custom solutions to meet your unique needs. We've developed a reputation for our ability to easily manage in-depth projects that include various challenges like data integration, comprehensive stakeholder consultation, and amalgamating existing websites and systems—and doing it on-time and on-budget (just ask our clients).

Empowering you for success.

As our client, we will ensure you have the information and the tools you need to make the key decisions that will shape your project. We work on a well-organized timeline, with defined tasks, deliverables and roles. You deal primarily with a strategist on our team, but also have direct access to the designers and developers at appropriate times.

We know you have questions, likely a lot of them, so here are answers to some of the most common. To talk about those that are specific to your project please contact us.

How exactly can you help me with my website?

Upanup offers full-service web design and development services. That means we can take your website from start to finish with our in-house team—including new websites and those needing a “refresh” or a “redesign”. Between our experienced team and our efficient and transparent project management practices, we have the resources needed to support the delivery of your project, on-time and on-budget.

If your website project requires user experience research, content writing, search engine optimization, or app or intranet development, we can help you with those too. Check out our full list of offerings here.

What type of website projects do you work on?

In the private sector, we have built up expertise for medium and large companies in a range of sectors, particularly for B2B, manufacturing, energy/utilities and specialty retail.

We also provide web solutions for government bodies and education.

What is involved in a website project?

Each project is assigned a dedicated strategist who will make your life easier through clear and timely communications. We also handpick specialists who are best suited to your project. Once we’ve assembled our team of internal designers and developers, we meet with yours—either in person or remotely—to learn about your business goals and your needs for the website, and to understand how our collective teams will work together. Once we’ve established the ground rules, we work transparently to produce collaborative work that you and your team can be proud of.

How long does a new website project take?

A typical website project will take anywhere from three to nine months from our first meeting with you to the site’s launch. Timelines vary greatly depending on your needs, complexity and the number of stakeholders you have involved the project. It is often possible to phase larger projects so that there are clear deliverables, and even partial launches along the way.

How much does it cost?

Costs are dependent on what you need the site to do, the number of stakeholders involved, the process requirements and any project restrictions like time and platform requirements. Our large website projects are highly customized, where we need to work out costs based on many deliverables and tasks from beginning to launch.

What platforms do you develop on?

Our work represents a wide variety of platforms. We specialise in working with open-source content management systems (CMS) like Drupal and Wordpress as they typically provide our clients with the most value.

These open source platforms are not only kept highly secure with prompt updates, but they provide you with a website that is easy to edit, does not require licensing fees and is scalable and flexible. You have the freedom on a widely supported platform with modular add-ons—ensuring you can expand your website or change it according to your needs.

How does your team work—do you contract out part of my project?

Upanup is an integrated team, meaning all of the work required for your project is completed in-house. Our team of designers, developers, content strategists, SEO/SEM specialists and brand experts work shoulder to shoulder everyday—creating time efficiencies and streamlining communications.

Where are your clients located?

We work effectively with clients located throughout North America. Where possible, we will visit you in person to get a better sense of what your world looks and feels like. We’ll also use web meetings to ensure we are able to communicate face-to-face.