FAQ - Why don't I see my ad?

I searched for my keyword but don't see my ad. Why don’t I see my ad?

When, where and to whom your ad appears depends on many factors.

  • The first step is to determine if you are you eligible to see the ads. For example, if your ads are only targeted to Europe but you are located in the USA, you will not be able to see the ad. This can be seen in your targeting settings.
  • Second, are your campaigns limited by budget? For example, if you have a daily budget limit of $200, and your ads are set to show as quickly as possible during the day, and you have broad targeting then most likely partway through the day your ads won’t be running anymore, to anyone.
  • Third, every time an ad can appear, there’s a unique ‘live auction’ online. Google Ads (previously called Google AdWords), for example, determines your ad’s rank. Your ad rank is based on many factors, and depends on the network it’s showing in. If you have a high ad rank compared to other advertisers vying for that spot, your ad will show.

Whether your ad shows depends on the market (who’s looking for the ad), your settings (e.g. targeting such as keywords), and the competitors (live auction environment).

Need help determining your targeting settings? Contact one of our Google Partner certified staff to learn more.