FAQ - Where should I link my ad?

Where you send your ad has many names options (destination URL, final URL, landing page) but best practices for these links are standard 

Whether you have a text ad in the search network, an image ad in the display network, a social media ad or otherwise, you will need to decide what page someone lands on after clicking your ad.

The best ad destination pages are:

  • Related to your ad and related to your keyword. Ideally, the same word is in the keyword, ad copy and webpage title. This will help with the quality of your account, which can in turn reduce your cost-per-click. 
    Result: cheaper and better-quality clicks.
  • Simple and conversion-focused. Don’t try to get the user to do 10 different things on one page. Have one goal and focus. 
    Result: more conversions.
  • Mobile-friendly. Not only is internet traffic from phones and tablets constantly increasing, but search engine services such as Google Ads (previously called Google AdWords) also ‘punish’ websites with poor mobile experiences. We can all agreed that zooming in and out on your tiny phone screen is annoying. 
    Result: users who stay on your website longer, increasing the chance of reading the right info or clicking the right action. 

Need help creating a great landing page experience? Contact one of our Google Partner certified staff to learn more.