FAQ - Should I put all my top keywords in my main ad group?

Problem: You have 30 keywords that get lots of clicks, but they're all in one ad group

As a rule, if you’re approaching 10+ keywords in one ad group, you should split them into several ad groups. It’s OK to have 5, 15, or 150 ad groups, as long as keywords are homogenous within ad groups and heterogenous between them.


  • One ad group for keywords related closely to cottages in Seattle
  • One ad group for keywords related closely to oceanfront home near me

You can see that this may mean the same thing to someone. However, all Google sees is if your keyword (e.g. cottages in Seattle) matches your ad (e.g. Land and cottages in Seattle…) and if it’s relevant to your landing page (e.g. Seattle, Washington Cottages for Sale).

The second ad group would have slightly different ads (e.g. Oceanfront Homes with Amazing Views...) and landing page (e.g. Oceanfront Homes for Sale), ideally.

For any ad group, the wording should match closely between all three components of your ad: the keyword, ad, and page. The result is higher quality ads, lower cost-per-click, more impressions, more clicks, and more conversions.

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