FAQ - Should I increase my bid to get more clicks?

If I increase my keywords' default bids, will I get more clicks?

Not necessarily.

When Google AdWords first started, the system was simpler than it is now. It was heavily weighted towards cost-per-click bids and keywords. For example, if you bid a high amount (e.g. $5 per click) for a keyword you might outrank any competitor - no matter the industry, product or service.

In the Google Ads (previously called Google AdWords) search network now, there are now several factors which determine your ad rank. The higher the rank, the more likely your ad will show and get clicks. These factors include keyword relevancy, landing page quality, ad extensions, bids, and more. Note that it’s not just keywords; it’s keyword relevancy because the keyword needs to be relevant to your ad and relevant to your landing page for a better user experience.

No matter how high your bid is, if your ad isn’t related to that topic, your webpage doesn’t have a good user experience, or you’re not optimizing the settings, your ad might not show at all.

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