FAQ - How should I organize my campaigns?

Which account structure is best for my business?

Typically, Google Ads (previously Google AdWords) accounts are structured by campaign product/service, location or budget.


  • Company "A" has one business vertical that should be allotted 75% of its budget, and another that should receive 25%. Therefore, they would create two campaigns – one for each vertical – to keep those verticals distinct.
  • Company "B" has a high focus in sales for Asia but still wants some exposure in South America and Latin America. They'd like to see the stats for all three separated at a high level, quickly and easily on reports and invoicing. Therefore, they create three campaigns – one for each location.
  • Company "C" has one budget for its most successful product, and another budget to experiment with five new service offerings. Therefore, it makes sense for them to create six campaigns – one for each product or service.

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