Specialized Retail

Specialized Retail

Website Design & Development, Brand Design, Campaign Strategies & UX Research, Strategy & Design

Marketing and Communications

Your audiences are reaching you through multiple channels such as your website, newsletters, tradeshows, social media, advertising and word-of-mouth. At every touch point, your brand needs to resonate with your audiences to educate, inform and most of all engage. At Upanup, we focus on bringing together your marketing and communication efforts and streamlining those processes to provide a consistent user experience. We leverage the right platforms and develop strategies to capture the attention of your audience wherever they may find you.

Driving Conversions

Your customers and potential customers have varying needs, and we understand that—so do ours! That is why we spend the time researching and creating strategies that assist users throughout all stages of the customer journey. Having conducted hundreds of user experience feedback sessions, we are able to take our learnings and apply them to all solutions that we know will improve user engagement. We make it easy for your audiences to connect with you and drive conversions. 

Customized, Flexible Solutions

We do not provide a 'one size fits all' solution because put simply, it doesn't. We take the time to learn and understand your needs, and those of your users, to then build-out your solution based on those specific needs. The tools we use to develop your solution are flexible to ensure we are able to work within your existing structures while utilizing the best solutions out there for your business needs. 

Bringing It All Together

Whether it's creating a new logo, enhancing your brand, conducting user-experience research, improving marketing collateral, redesigning a website, creating your social media strategy or creating an online advertising strategy, we will ensure your solution ties in with your business objectives and goals. Our experienced strategists, designers and developers will create a seamless experience for both your audiences and your team members that heightens your marketing and communications and drives results.   

Specialized B2C clients we have worked with include: 

FortisBC Viking Air
Raven Marine WesternOne
Hatch & Muir TPC Financial 


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