Why We Don't Subcontract Development Work

In-person team meeting

When a client hires our team, they are trusting us to create products and experiences that are extremely important to them. We don't take this trust lightly. Our team feels responsible for providing our clients with exactly what they need and controlling as much risk as possible along the way.

This means being responsible for all of our own work, team, processes and procedures so that we can promise quality. If we were to outsource development work, we couldn't make that promise. We wouldn't have full control of quality if we subcontracted to a local company, let alone a company across borders where different standards for labour and security may apply.

Recently, our team has heard stories about software, cloud and digital agencies who have gone this route. Tempted by lower expenses, outsourcing may help a competitor undercut the industry, but it's a short-term win. Ultimately, subcontracting development work seems to create an unsustainable situation with significant issues around quality, support and security.

When clients come to us, they can rest assured that we will not cut corners. We stand behind our work and they will be supported by the same individuals who have built their solutions. There is a great deal of value in a team that works together, grows together, takes ownership and buys into the high level of service we provide our clients.

By building in-house talent and proven processes, we have ensured quality, lasting solutions. Our team works in our clients' time zones, so we understand their local contexts and can quickly respond to their needs. Completing all our own work helps us ensure good treatment for employees and integrity in business practices. We work closely together on many projects, building resiliency and trust, making it easy to offer constructive critique, and helping us play to each others' strengths.

Subcontracting can create short-term efficiencies of dollars; strong relationships—within our team and with our clients—create long-term efficiencies of time. 

We feel strongly that supporting our local economies and being a stable, long-term employer helps us stand apart. Our team is proud to have diverse backgrounds, skillsets and identities and we encourage people from all walks of life to apply for current openings on our team.

If you have any questions about our hiring, team or work, connect with us.