Upanup's Response to COVID-19

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The safety of our clients and staff is paramount. Our offices in Victoria, Calgary, and Kitchener have processes in place to ensure they are safe environment for our staff. Additionally, all of our staff have the option to work from home with virtual meetings and secure access to our usual tools and resources. Fortunately, we are all healthy and very well set up for working remotely, which made the transition quick and straightforward.

We continue to provide uninterrupted support for our clients and are here to help you with your digital communications—posting important updates to your website, getting urgent information to your staff, boosting your SEO, adapting your marketing strategy, launching a new website, leveraging online tools, and enhancing your digital communications. Please see this page for examples of how we are supporting organizations during this crisis. We can hit the ground running to quickly implement solutions.

If we can help you, please connect with our team.