Eavor Launches Unique Renewable Energy Solution

Aerial view

Our Calgary team collaborated with Eavor to promote the launch of their new geothermal technology, the Eavor-LiteTM Demonstration Project, near Rocky Mountain House.

This exciting pilot project, soon to be complete, garnered significant private investment, $6.7 million in federal government support, and $2 million in grants from Alberta Innovates and Emissions Reduction Alberta.

What makes Eavor game-changing?

Geothermal technology uses heat from deep below the earth’s surface to create electricity. Eavor is different because its efficient, closed-loop system would make it possible to generate power across much more of the Earth's surface than conventional geothermal solutions.

Eavor's goal is to build "the world's first truly scalable form of green baseload power,” providing clean energy 24/7/365. Their success would mark an exciting development for Alberta’s energy sector. As the company scales their green energy solution, they aim to create over 50,000 new jobs for Albertans.

How does Upanup fit into the picture?

Our team provides expertise in brand strategy, event promotion and website management. To prepare for their project launch in August, we worked with Eavor to establish a strong brand with eye-catching digital and print collateral to promote the event. We created:

  • An event webpage featuring launch details

  • Digital invitations for industry

  • Beautiful display boards highlighting key information

  • High-quality event collateral (like water bottles, VIP lanyards and notebooks)

  • Branded collateral (like business cards, letterhead, and social media visuals)

What does the future look like?

Eavor's launch generated a great deal of support and enthusiasm. The pilot project is set to be complete this year and will showcase the possibilities of the new technology.

"This innovative project demonstrates that we can build upon, and transfer, expertise from the oil and gas sector to supply cleaner forms of energy, leading to potential new export markets for Canada."
— Amarjeet Sohi, Canada's Minister of Natural Resources

We’re excited for the opportunity that Eavor brings to Alberta, and look forward to supporting their work towards a sustainable, prosperous future.

To find out how it all works, watch this quick video on their website.