Award of Excellence in Website Redesign

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Downtown Stayner, Ontario

This international competition judges creativity as well as how a website influences its audiences and communicates its message. The Township's new website has a beautiful, clean design. We are proud of the thoughtful work by our development team to make the site highly accessible to all audiences. A lot of the effort that goes into web accessibility is invisible to most people browsing a site— like building in compatibility with screen readers and making all functionality available by keyboard. This important, under-the-hood development work complies with the latest web accessibility standards for Ontario government, and goes a long way to make the Township's website easy-to-use for people with different sight, movement, cognitive and hearing abilities.

Our team loved working with the Township on this new site. Their enthusiastic, quick-off-the-mark staff contributed to great results. See their award-winning municipal web solution for yourself! And keep your eyes open— we're excited to have another project for the Township launching soon.

We are so proud to have our digital solutions recognized, you can view the other international awards we have won over the years.

Update: Check out the brand-new event site our team designed to showcase the Township of Clearview's Small Halls Festival.