Utilities Sector

We will help your utility organization enhance the user experience across all your online services. 

Upanup helps numerous enterprise-level organizations across Canada and the United States improve their online services so their customers can easily access information and complete tasks—including utility clients, such as electric, natural gas, solar, and geothermal. 

We offer a range of user experience (UX) services to help our clients understand how their unique group of customers interact with their website and various other online services or tools. We also implement user-focused systems that reduce internal workload and provide customers with a superior online experience, specifically catered to their needs.

Hydro lines at sunset

Making Life Easier for Your Customers 

Our experience working with various organizations in the energy and utilities industry has given us valuable insight into the unique communications methods used by their customers and internal teams. We understand that online tools must be constructed to work well for people with different goals and interests, so we apply various UX methods to connect directly with real-world users and other interested parties to ensure we create a resource that reflects how users scan, absorb, and interact with information online.

Whether it be through UX research, testing and strategy, comprehensive human-centred designs and campaigns, and/or leading-edge design and development solutions for websites, prototypes, and applications, our user-first approach will ensure we determine the best solution for your specific audience or audience groups.

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"Working with Upanup was straightforward and efficient. They were able to take our complex Excel financial model and turn it into a simple online user experience without sacrificing functionality. I was pretty much hands-off until the customer facing tool was ready for testing."

Jon Sanders

Program Manager, BC Hydro


One of our most distinguishing factors as a company is our focus on UX—we are truly a leader in our field. We have conducted one-on-one testing with hundreds of real-world users, plus countless online surveys, focus groups, and more. Through this, we have gained valuable, transferrable insight into how users want to engage online that can be directly applied to your project.

Our wealth of knowledge includes presenting UX design best practices and trends to organizations, creating wireframes and interactive prototypes for testing and review, interviewing and meeting with multiple interested parties, departments, and teams, establishing foundational UX best practice solutions, and making recommendations for effective change management. The solutions we provide continuously evolve based on user input as digital and design trends change.

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Our extensive experience delivering UX, user interface (UI), and user-centered design services will help us provide your organization with the best outcome as you focus on taking an evidence-based approach to improving user experience(s) across your online solutions.

As your strategic partner, you can rely on our direction and feedback to implement the best solution as it relates to the UX/UI design and usability of your online services. Contact us today!