Viking Air

Integrated Marketing and an Enhanced Digital Presence
We’re proud to help Viking promote their aircraft and after-market OEM support through a full range of marketing, communications and branding initiatives.

The manufacturer of the best-selling utility aircraft in the world, Viking Air Ltd. has an international customer base for both their new and legacy aircraft, as well as their maintenance and support services. Upanup provides them with multi-faceted, cohesive marketing strategies and a web presence that reflects their status as a world-class, industry-leading aerospace company.

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The Challenge

Viking required a comprehensive suite of marketing services that seamlessly integrated with and supported the high-calibre work of their internal marketing and sales teams. In addition to ambitious outreach strategies, Viking needed a modern and manageable method for inspiring and tracking leads. A combination of dynamic messaging and intuitive design were needed to support their marketing team’s efforts and drive client engagement.

Old and New
How We Helped

Working with Viking, we developed a marketing strategy designed for a variety of channels – one that effectively leveraged their web presence and streamlined their team’s marketing and sales efforts. In addition to ongoing communications and marketing support, we have helped to identify opportunities to solidify their brand through deliverables such as the microsite dedicated to Viking's aerial firefighter aircraft.

How We Helped Viking
Project Features
Content Strategy
Content strategies tailored to marketing and communications goals, and built for growth.
Integrated Online Tools
Things work better when they work together – we streamline online tools and programs.
User-focused Designs
Seeking and incorporating design feedback to connect with specific audiences.
Data Management
Providing the ability to measure and track data that informs marketing strategies.
Dynamic Communications
Leveraging various digital touch points for a cohesive message and experience.
Social Media Integration
Strategically integrating daily social interaction with multiple digital marketing platforms.
The Result

In our ongoing work with Viking, we've worked alongside their internal teams to develop results-driven global campaigns, and implemented a digital marketing system that ensures Viking's website content, forms, and CRM all work together to provide their team with the information they need to effectively access, review and apply data and leads.

Upanup provides Viking with technical, strategic and design services that assist with public relations and promotions, content strategy and development, and ongoing improvements and support for the company's digital properties.

Viking Results
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