Victoria International Student Programs

Attracting International Students to Canada
We created an intuitive and welcoming platform that encourages students from around the world to pursue their education in Victoria.

As part of the Greater Victoria School District, the Victoria International Student Programs (VISP) connects students from around the world through high-quality international education programs. We refreshed their website to help them engage with a global audience and inspire students to study in British Columbia.

The Challenge

The team at VISP knew that their existing site was difficult for students, parents and homestay hosts— information was hidden and navigation was complicated. VISP’s objective was to provide an informational and promotional tool that would make potential students think, “This is the place I want to go to school.” Victoria is a friendly, safe city with endless natural beauty, and the new website needed to showcase the location.

How We Helped

VISP targets a diverse international audience, so language accessibility was a key consideration for this project. Our team worked hard to make sure all aspects of the website—from design to build—were conducive to online language translation, with an overall website created to best accommodate Google Translate. 

We also helped build Language Pages featuring brochures and application information in nine popular languages, from Spanish to Vietnamese, making it easy for potential international students and their families to research academic programs in Victoria and the surrounding area.

Our team leveraged knowledge from our earlier work on a multi-site solution for the Greater Victoria School District to show their relationship to VISP with a distinct but complementary design. 

Project Features
User-focused Designs
Seeking and incorporating design feedback to connect with specific audiences.
Integrated Online Tools
Things work better when they work together – we streamline online tools and programs.
Brand Strategy & Implementation
Enhancing the brand and implementing cohesive messaging and collateral.
Custom Solutions
Responding to unique challenges and turning those into opportunities for our clients.
Accessible Design
Solutions that are inclusive and usable for audiences with different levels of ability.
User-Friendly CMS
A custom implementation of Drupal provides a reliable, intuitive and flexible platform.
The Result

Combining a strong visual brand and sound content delivery, the new VISP website clearly communicates the benefits of their programs and of Victoria as a destination for international students. We set their team up to easily update the site as their needs and student expectations change. The result is clean, contemporary site that is easy to navigate, and a flexible platform that sets up VISP, and its students, for future growth.

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