Urban Solar

Optimized Web Presence, Marketing Campaigns & Public Relations
As Urban Solar's key marketing partner, we work closely with their leadership team to grow international awareness and sales in commercial solar lighting.

Urban Solar provides commercial solar lighting for the transit industry, parks, and public works across Canada and the United States. The company is progressive, innovative and continually raises the bar of excellence for their team and for their customers.

Their products illuminate bus stops and bike paths in cities like Seattle, Vancouver, and Long Beach, California. In fact, Urban Solar's intelligent lighting system for the Arbutus Greenway is among the latest of Vancouver's efforts to become the world's greenest city

The Challenge

With two verticals and an international presence, Urban Solar has a variety of audiences for their solar lighting products and services. They require compelling marketing collateral to deliver key information in ways that resonate with these audiences.

To grow their customer base, the company also needs to compete strategically for high-volume keywords online, build brand awareness through programmatic advertising, and leverage industry partnerships through public relations.

How We Help

Our marketing strategists develop concepts, manage internal and external communications for Urban Solar, and keep campaigns moving forward with frequent reports on successes, recommended adjustments, and new ideas. We meet monthly with company executives to discuss high-level trends and key performance indicators, and advise on direction to continue expanding their market share going forward.

A strong brand presence sets Urban Solar apart from the competition. Our design team delivers high-quality marketing collateral for their website, trade shows, events and sales presentations — including infographics, brochures, case studies, booth displays, handouts, newsletters, videography and photography. 

Project Features
Optimized Search Engine Marketing
We implement, measure and refine a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, including search engine marketing through Google Ads.
We work like an extension of their internal team, managing communications with third-party media contacts, vendors and contractors.
Cross-Platform Branding
We strengthen the brand with high-quality design and consistent messaging, online (website, social media and newsletters) and offline (collateral and sales materials).
Website Optimization
We recommend user-focused improvements and make proactive adjustments to copy, images, layouts, and conversion-focused forms.
Marketing Campaigns
We create and track marketing campaigns, and coordinate photography and videography for use on the website, social media and advertising.
Project Management
We keep projects on time and on budget with clear communication to the C-suite and business development managers.
The Result

Through coordinated campaigns that target different channels and audiences, we've helped the company solidify their brand, diversify their marketing efforts, and expand their reach. Urban Solar's optimized corporate website has seen a 230% increase in users and the company's customer base continues to grow internationally. 

"Upanup sets the bar for vision, creativity, professionalism and execution... Their team has laser-sharp attention to detail and is very proactive, whether delivering a simple graphic design, revamping a website or executing a complex SEO strategy. Upanup has increased Urban Solar's overall brand and collateral which has translated into increased revenue. If you want to grow your business, call Upanup." 

— Jeff Peters, President and Sales Director

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