Websites with Multi-site Housing Solutions, UI/UX Testing, Branding and Digital Strategy for Educational Institutions

User-Focused Solutions

At Upanup we customize solutions to meet the needs of our clients and their audiences. We understand websites need to be user-focused and we work hard to ensure users are able to quickly and easily obtain the information they require. We create easy-to-use websites that are intuitive, functional, and accessible from any device that allow teachers, students and parents alike to share a common communication platform.

Multi-Site Housing

We provide clients with multi-site housing options that allow schools to shine individually through their own websites, while still remaining under their district's umbrella. This means one main site or hub that houses multiple mini-sites, giving schools the ability to customize their own site without the hassle of managing a stand-alone system.

Streamlining Processes

Having a snow day? Promoting a district-wide event? We save our clients time by building efficient processes into our web solutions—like incorporating notification systems that allow district-wide updates to be published across all sites in one fell swoop.


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Upanup's Affect on Education


Individual school sites produced within three major school districts


Students supported through a common platform to improve learning opportunities


Seconds required to share one snow day alert across an entire district

Helping districts and schools connect

School District Number 61 serves approximately 19,00 students in 27 elementary schools, 10 middle schools, and 7 secondary schools. 


Greater Victoria School District
  • Award-winning educational site

  • District-wide notification system

  • Responsive design across all sites

  • User-Focused strategy and design

  • Integrated an organized minutes, agendas and events calendar solution

  • Easy-to-use content management system housing one main district site and 45+ school sites