Brand Design & Strategy

Upanup Brand Strategy

When it comes to shaping perception, having a strong brand will help you connect with users in a crowded digital space.

Working in partnership, we’ll help define your unique set of differentiators and determine how to best express them; gaining the attention and user base that you crave.

Thoughtful Branding 

If you’ve already grown into your brand we can help you thoughtfully take it to the next level. This includes campaign-based projects along with long-term planning that directly relates to your larger business goals and objectives, fosters loyalty and advances your brand positioning.

How does thoughtful branding make a difference?

  1. Positions your brand in the marketplace
  2. Shapes feelings surrounding your brand
  3. Convert users into advocates who will champion your brand; amplifying your impact and reach


Here’s how we can help.

Brand Development

Using a holistic approach that considers all aspects of your business, we can help define who you are and how to best express what sets you apart from the competition. This process might include:

  • Discovery sessions to get to know your key stakeholders and deep dive into your business objectives
  • Market research, including a look at your competitors, to understand how to best position your new brand in the marketplace
  •  User research to define your key customers and develop personas
  • Development of a brand promise that clearly communicates who you are and what you do
  • Creation of visual identity – including visual brand standards and a logo and/or wordmark
  • Crafting of a brand book that embodies the macro – how you want customers to experience your brand – to the micro – how your brand’s name should be used in a crisis
  • A plan for how your brand will evolve and flex

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Brand Strategy

Need the sizzle? Upanup can provide you with a thoughtful and strategic approach that grows your brand. This overarching roadmap will help your brand stay true, while coming into its own – with the user base to match. From a single campaign, to your five-year plan, we can help.

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For established brands, we take feedback from key stakeholders, such as users, customers, boards of directors and management to create a strategy that better positions you in the marketplace. This often includes brand definition, naming, tagline development, design and implementation.

Get ready to shine – contact us for how.

Logos & Design

We’ll work with your existing brand, or help you to define yours, to produce a logo that works seamlessly across platforms – from Twitter to your annual report. Our in-house team of designers can also help you extend your brand messaging through print and digital marketing materials that will blow your socks off.

Help your brand look its best, contact us for more information.

Brand & Visual Identity Standards

Consistent use of your brand is key to its success, ensuring that it is instantly recognizable across platforms. We can help you craft your brand rulebook, which depending on your needs, might be a single page quick-reference for your logo’s use, or 50+ pages of detailed guidelines that covers everything from your brand voice to guidelines for community sponsorship.

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