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Hardwoods Inc. is a publicly-traded company, with over 500 employees, 30 distribution centres across Canada and the United States and five decades of experience. Hardwoods came to Upanup needing a new website that showcased their quality products and was reflective of the company's position as a recognized premier wholesale distributor of wood products.

By emphasizing high-quality images throughout the site, we've allowed the products speak for themselves. From the moment you hit the homepage, you're immediately treated to high-quality, full-width images of Hardwoods products in action. Each internal page is highlighted by a large banner image, showcasing both raw products and completed projects. The site treats visitors to a user experience that allows them to discover an exceptional world of wood - a phrase that shows up on the homepage banner.

The Hardwoods website provides information for potential customers as well as for investors. This means we needed to prominently feature investor information, while not losing focus on customers. A distributor location map and two user-focused menus (one for Architects & Designers, and one for Mill Workers & Fabricators) means each audience can find what they need as quickly as they need it.

We're proud to have worked alongside Hardwoods Inc. on their new website. If you or your business are in need of a digital user experience makeover, contact us!

By Dylan
Content Specialist
June 30th, 2016
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