Why strictly focus on digital?

Why focus on digital marketing and communications? The answer seems obvious to me, but the question keeps coming up in its various forms. Why don't we create print campaigns? Why don't we provide traditional advertising? I've got a few answers for you, but first let me explain what falls into the category of digital.

What is Digital?

To us, digital means anything you will view and interact with on a screen. This includes websites, apps, video, social media, e-commerce, SEO, digital identity and presentations. For the most part, our services are summed up on the offerings page on our website, but of course every project is unique and there's a good chance we're working on a digital project right now that doesn't fit into that list. By choosing to be a full-service integrated digital agency, we are committing to have various digital media work together seamlessly with one another.

Now for the reasons behind a strict digital focus...

Focus on interactivity.

A digital focus allows us to work in an environment that is focused on interactivity. When we strategize, design and produce digital solutions - typically they are about creating an interactive and responsive experience that responds to the user or viewer. Print and traditional advertising don't have this same focus - and thus require a different mindset.

Provide true expertise.

If we did everything, we could only go so far in terms of the expertise we provide to clients. I've had the experience of trying to be all things to all people, and the reality is that one's level of expertise cannot be very deep this way. With a strict focus on digital, we can be confident that we'll continue to know what we're talking about. As it is, we have a challenge on our hands to keep up with a high rate of change while integrating many aspects of digital media together.

No exploding brains.

A web designer is about as different from a print designer as an interior designer is. While all the different kinds of designers need to have the ability to be creative while having an eye for appealing and sensible design, the parameters that they work in are completely different. They need to understand the media they are designing for. The same thing applies to strategists, account managers and developers.

In the end we only have so much room in the ten percent of our brains that we use, so we're keeping this full with the skillsets we need to work in digital media. If we try to put anything else in there our brains might explode.

It's about the future.

...and we're excited about the future. We are embracing a world of constant change, and while we can't say exactly how the Internet will look (or hear, smell, taste, feel) in the upcoming years and decades, we do know that it will continue to evolve rapidly. Companies and individuals will benefit most by keeping up and we're geared up to ride this wave as well. We can't wait to develop 3D online user experiences, to deliver web content that literally fills an entire room and to interact with markets in ways we can't imagine yet.

By Peter Knapp
CEO & Lead Strategist
March 2nd, 2012
Disclaimer: Our team members contribute to this blog in their own voices. As such, opinions expressed in this post are not necessarily shared by Upanup. If you are curious or concerned, please contact us.