What is a Digital Agency?


At Upanup, we define the term "Digital Agency" as being a company that provides creative, strategic and technical development of screen-based products and services. A digital agency helps its clients (typically corporations and governmental organizations) to engage with specific target markets. And while a production or web development company can follow instructions to execute a digital project, clients get a high degree of value by consulting with a full-service digital agency to come up with marketing and communications strategy, followed by creative direction for a project.

What is a digital agency?

Traditionally a digital agency might have been labelled as an internet agency who rarely does print work, but the field has evolved into so much more than just websites. Important mediums now include mobile, social networks, digital signage, kiosks, applications, software, video, podcasts, etc.

It takes a deep understanding of the medium and process to successfully guide and grow a brand through the digital landscape. Successful brands take advantage of interaction and provide additional consumer value through digital means. The core principles of brand strategy remain the same but aren’t just the domain of traditional agencies anymore.

Upanup Studios embraces strategic thinking, technical innovation and storytelling/brand building to deliver on our client’s objectives. We are a digital agency and enjoy focusing our creative skills on digital solutions, because it's engaging, fun and rewarding for us, our clients and their audiences.


May 7th, 2012
By Corri Loschuk
Corri Loschuk, Senior Designer
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