What Does Your Website Say About Your Business?

Wikipedia defines perception as, “the organization, identification, and interpretation of sensory information in order to fabricate a mental representation.” We may all perceive things differently, however, we all create a mental representation of a business based on what we see after viewing a website.

I recently searched for a local accountant and this demonstrated to me the way I perceived accountants based on their websites. After conducting a search I immediately eliminated those that did not appeal to me based on their website. In all reality, I may have overlooked the best local accountant, however, the website of my chosen accountant assisted a great deal in my perception of the quality of the service I would be offered.

If the Internet did not exist (I’m 31 and don’t remember that time), then I would have searched accounting firms by visiting their physical locations. If I entered a business that had dirty windows, broken signs, old furniture, a messy reception area and doors to corridors that didn’t open then my chances of doing business with them would be slim to none. The alternative would be walking in to a firm that has clean windows, new signage out front, a clean reception area that has inviting modern furniture and fittings and doors that lead to signed rooms. The likelihood of this accounting firm winning my business is much greater. Your website is no different.

If an accountant’s website is tired and old looking then it is more than likely that the business will be perceived as older in their practices and not up-to-date with modern trends. If a website does not function properly, then the perception is likely to be that the accountants are inefficient in their day-to-day duties.

When a well designed and easy to navigate website is viewed, it instills confidence with the business and their practices. When designing a website it is extremely important to find the right balance between what it is you want the website to say about your business and also appeal to your target audience. Your website is your storefront and you want to create the best impression possible.

A picture says a thousand words, just imagine what your website is saying about your business.

By Brad Pizem
Client Services Director
September 17th, 2012
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