Is website anxiety holding you back?

website anxiety

Anxiety, fear and stress can dramatically interfere with problem-solving abilities. These feelings can trigger a "fight or flight" response, shutting down the part of your brain than is responsible for flexible thinking. Nobody likes those feelings and most of us do our best to avoid such situations. 

For example, have you ever said or heard someone exclaim, "I'm not cut out for math.” Does that sound familiar? The truth is we all have the same capability to do math, but some of us have Math Anxiety that we’ve held since our days in school. At some point during the childhood or young adult development, there is an event related to math that reinforces and triggers anxiety and stress when asked to do math later in life, making it harder at that moment for that person to think clearly and excel.

With the relative infancy of the Internet, many businesses have had bad website experiences at one time or another. Uncertainty and change have made Website Anxiety very real for a lot of decision makers. The process of designing, developing and learning a new website can be scary and hold back progress.

I’ve found the best cure for Website Anxiety isn’t a pill or therapy, rather the cure lies in understanding and finding the right digital agency. This digital agency will have a clear and certain process that puts clients at ease and creates an atmosphere of creativity and excitement. I’ve seen nervous clients brimming with ideas and passion for their website once the anxiety is conquered.

Anyone can do math and anyone can have an amazing website. The Internet was a scary place but it has matured and there is no better time than now to dive back in and make the most of your website. Leave that website anxiety behind and get excited; it's time to move on.

By Corri Loschuk
Creative Director
May 30th, 2012
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