User-Centered Design Scores at The Communicator Awards


We’re feeling the afterglow of our client’s success. The Forest Practices Board and The Town of Okotoks websites are shining a little brighter today thanks to silver awards from The Communicator Awards, an international program that "honours work that transcends innovation and craft".

Central to the success of both sites is Upanup’s user-centred design approach. By balancing content with the needs of each site’s diverse user groups, the Upanup team developed multiple methods of navigation that encouraged users move through the site intuitively, selecting the paths that work best for them.

Choose-your-own-adventure style innovations like the dashboard on The Town of Okotoks site, a universal group of icons that expand when clicked, helps users to quickly navigate to needed information, like news and documents, that are directly related to the page the user is on.


The Forest Practices Board choose your view option lets you display reports via titles or as list depending on your need for speed or interest in casual browsing.


Using responsive design, which allows the websites to scale to the screen size of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, extends these user-centered designs by serving up content how and where the user wants it.

All modesty aside, we take great pride in the important role that both sites play in communicating information and facilitating action. We enjoyed working with both the Town of Okotoks and the Forest Practises Board to produce these solutions and are excited by the recognition their sites have received.

 This is the Forest Practices Board website’s fourth award and the second for the Town of Okotoks website.


April 29th, 2015
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