Updating a Website Design While Keeping the Same Backend

EcoSafe Website Refresh

In 2012, we reached out to Victoria-based EcoSafe Natural Products with an opportunity for a new website. EcoSafe specializes in formulation chemistry, using natural ingredients to create alternatives to traditional pesticides, fertilizers and cosmetics. Founded and owned by Rod Bradbury, his expertise put EcoSafe on the cutting-edge of chemical formulation, and they needed a new website to match. 

This new site took EcoSafe’s established brand and incorporated it throughout the site, using a lighter shade of green. The navigation and sitemap were enhanced, taking UX best practices into account to create a more user-friendly experience. Calls-to-action with unique landing pages were added to help segment EcoSafe’s audience and provide a detailed explanation of the services offered. Responsive design techniques were incorporated as well, to ensure the new site was optimized for viewing across all devices, including smartphones, tablets and large screens. This new site made an immediate impact, bringing EcoSafe’s online image up-to-speed.

EcoSafe was one of our initial clients, and we've sinced worked with larger public and private sector companies and organizations. But whether it's hosting, ongoing support or smaller web projects, we like to stay caught up with our smaller initial clients. So in 2016 we once again reached out to Rod and EcoSafe, but our offer this time was a little different. At its core, the EcoSafe site was still as solid & accurate as it was four years earlier, but the design was beginning to look a little bit dated. So instead of a brand new website, we presented the opportunity for a “refresh”.

The timing couldn’t have been better. While they were still providing the same services they had been in 2012, EcoSafe had just moved to a larger lab and were looking for a way to show off their new space to their audience. A refresh was the perfect solution.

This refresh consisted of three main phases: new high-quality photos of the new EcoSafe lab & equipment, an updated visual design, and small content updates.

We used more white and the EcoSafe green throughout the design to create a cleaner feel and to emphasize the “natural” in EcoSafe Natural Products, and incorporated the green and red brand colours for blocks, buttons and links. High-quality photos were included throughout the site and provide immediate impact on the homepage carousel, showing off the new lab space and staff. These design changes make the new EcoSafe feel like a brand new site, while at its core it’s still the same site we built in 2012. And it hasn’t gone unnoticed – this refreshed EcoSafe site won a 2016 Gold Marcom Award for business-to-business sites.

We know there isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” solution for our clients. A brand new website isn’t always the best option, and in some cases doesn’t make sense. That’s why we work with each client to figure out what solutions will help them succeed.

The original EcoSafe site, 2002
The Upanup-built EcoSafe, 2012
The refreshed site, 2016


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By Dylan
Content Specialist
November 3rd, 2016
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