Starting Place for an Investor Relations Sitemap

Here we provide a starting point to create a sitemap that suits your investor relations website for a publicly-traded company. From the sample sitemap below, you can add or remove pages as it makes sense to your company. A best-practices approach to online investor relations will require a larger sitemap, with more interactive pages and functionality included as well as videos, online reports, and social media engagement.

If your company actively markets a product or service at the corporate level, then the investor relations website may need to be a separate micro-site for your company. However, if your marketing is done under different brand names or if your business is resource extraction such as mining or oil and gas, then this may also be your main corporate website.

Investor Relations Home Page

The IR home page inventory should include the following:

  • Key messages about the company
  • A summary of the company equivalent to an elevator pitch that briefly answers the questions what, where, why, who
  • Listing of recent news items
  • Listing of any upcoming events relevant to investors
  • Search box
  • Stock quote
  • Footer can include navigational aids such as link to the sitemap, as well as links to legal disclaimers


  • Profile
  • Strategy
  • History

Investor Info

  • Stock Quote/Chart
  • Financial Reports
  • Public Filings
  • Dividends
  • Analyst Coverage

News & Presentations

  • News Releases
  • Presentations & Events
  • Investor Calendar


  • Business Line A
  • Business Line B
  • Business Line C
  • Assets


  • Directors
  • Management
  • Code of Conduct
  • Whistleblower Policy


  • Environment
  • Health & Safety
  • Community


  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Investor Queries
  • General Queries
  • Careers Queries
By Peter Knapp
CEO & Lead Strategist
February 6th, 2012
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