Saying Goodbye To Your Baby


Today marks the first day of school for many children, teenagers, young adults and adults across the country. I don't have children myself, but a few of my co-workers do and they spent some time swapping war stories about their kids' first days of school. It got me thinking about the products we build at Upanup, and the nature of creative projects in general, and how the creators form a bond with the products, similar to a parent's bond with their children, and that launching those websites is a lot like sending children off on their first day of pre-school or kindergarten, except with less crying and heartbreak, and more high-fives and celebratory beverages.

As a creative type, there's little that pleases me more than seeing one of my creations released into the wild. Whether it's a personal writing project, photos of a lovely couple celebrating their engagement, and then their wedding, or even just a nicely prepared meal, there's a measure of healthy pride associated with those moments that you open yourself and your work to other people, allowing them to experience and explore something that you've poured your effort and creative energies into. Though a personal project has a distinct connection directly to me, Upanup products are always the result of a hardworking team, with several different hands in the mess, but I'm always pleased (and surprised, though I should be used to it by now!), that the feeling isn't much different when we launch a new website, literally sending them out into the wild.

It's a bit of a thrill, finally letting go of that total control of a website, allowing it to live on its own, to stand on its own merits. Quality and efficiency are two of the major foundational building blocks we use for building websites. They're the first point of contact for visitors and potential customers looking for our fine clients on the 'net. Like anything that's created to serve a specific purpose, our websites are there to heighten and improve the experience of both our clients and the people and businesses that they interact with on a daily business. Whether a website takes us a few weeks or a handful of months, we grow attached to our products, inspired by their design and proud of the functionality. They really do become something like our children, nurtured, coddled and loved.

Ultimately, those websites aren't my babies. They're just websites, and they belong to the clients we build them for. Though I show them off proudly to friends and family, and often have an opportunity to continue to work on and improve them through Upanup's maintenance packages, I need to remind myself, just like any parent sending their son or daughter off to school for the first time, that they'll be just fine without me constantly hovering behind them, watching their every move and making sure that they don't get teased. And, besides, there are plenty of other great projects in the queue, and pretty soon I'll be waving goodbye to those, too.

Aidan Moher
By Aidan Moher
Web Designer
September 5th, 2012
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