Our Growth Year of Working Hard and Playing Hard

Upanup office

Each December we do an annual review, which doesn't sound too thrilling until you look at all the interesting stats that come out of it.  Below are the most interesting tidbits we've discovered when peeking under the rug.

2013 Year-End

For example, Upanup has received 420 applications for employment to date which resulted in several new hires in 2013, bringing our team up to 12 staff members across two cities.

We have received eight new awards for our digital marketing work and, almost as impressively, have made 48  ferry trips to Vancouver and back seeing several pods of whales on the way.

We have facilitated approximately 20 working sessions with clients focused on usability and in-depth website UX, and we have done usability testing with more than 60 individuals.

When looking up our important internal stats we couldn't forget our Friday afternoon dart games which have resulted in a total of 13,720 darts thrown, almost as many holes in the surrounding walls and carpet, no limbs lost or serious injuries incurred (even though some have bounced back a little too close for comfort), and created the coveted trophy for the Upanup Dart Champion of the World.  But don't dismay if you got last place, as several staff members have, because you'll get the "participant" trophy - aka the "you-got-last-place-but-you're-still-awesome" trophy.  We like to keep things positive.

On that positive note, we can't recap the year without a mention of our clients, who are not only great people but have lots of great projects they keep throwing at us.  Honestly, they are why we are here and we're happy to jump out of bed ready to work our hineys off every morning for them.  Here is a shout out to several of the industries we've had the pleasure to work with recently: electric and gas, steel, forestry, education, municipal government, infrastructure services, real estate investment and retirement living.  These wonderful companies have given us the pleasure to announce that we have launched (drum roll please...) over 85 web properties, and last month alone our online work recorded more than 600,000 visits for our clients.  On an annualized basis, this is more than 7 million visits. Not bad for a second year company.

When looking back at all of this we cannot wait to do it all again in 2014, but in true Upanup style, at a whole new level.

By Charlotte O'Reilly
Senior Strategist
December 20th, 2013
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