Non-Design is better than Bad Design


If you've ever been a part of corporate business culture, you might have seen a presentation that is hard to read, a website that’s nearly impossible to use, or business cards that look like a bad craft project. When I see bad design I immediately think:

  • They have low standards
  • They trying to cover up something
  • They can’t afford professional design
  • What a bad first impression

So, say you aren’t a designer and don’t have the time or budget. That's okay. For one it’s better to use "Non-Design" than to try and design it yourself. Let your ideas, products and concepts be your "design."

Instead, use the templates that come pre-installed with your business software, or don’t use any style at all. Experienced designers made those templates and styles for you. For the best results choose a simple one and keep the default styling. Your clients aren’t coming to you for your design skills, they simply want to better understand what you have to offer.

If you are using bad design right now, take a few minutes and remove anything that’s unnecessary. Use a solid background color (I recommend grey) and a text color that makes your content as legible as possible, apply a default style.

With the evolution of technology everyone is doing a better job marketing themselves, and bad design is standing out even more. When you have the budget for professional design it's important to hire someone. Good design will display high standards, enhance your content and make a great impression. But, in the meantime, don't sell yourself short and remember that non-design is better than bad design.

By Corri Loschuk
Creative Director
June 14th, 2012
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