New Municipal Website for the Comox Valley Regional District

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We’re excited to announce the launch of a new municipal website for the Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD), an engaging new tool for the District to communicate with its residents. 

The CVRD’s main goal for this municipal site was to create an intuitive and streamlined experience for users. In the past, users felt locating information on the site was time-consuming and the functionality was lacking compared to other municipal websites—causing many to leave immediately upon arrival. Because of this, the CVRD wanted to ensure their new site was effectively designed and developed to be accessible and easy to navigate while also extremely user-friendly for staff to update. 

In order to reach this goal, we kept the new site image-focused and applied a variety of UX design strategies to ensure users could efficiently access information through intuitive navigation features. 

On the homepage, we kept page scrolling to a minimum by incorporating a prominent keyword search in the centre of the page along with tabs of the four most-accessed sections of the website: Our Updates, Our Community, Our Priorities, and Our Services. This allowed us to make it easy for visitors to find what they're looking for and accommodate the significant amount of content available on the homepage in a way that was not overwhelming to the user.

Tiles were also incorporated throughout the site to reduce the need for excessive content and to keep with the image-focused theme. These tiles, with prominent titles and intuitive icons, allow users to quickly scan the page for what they need without scrolling or reading lists of content. 

Another feature of the site that makes it easy for site users to access information is the searchable activities and programs database. Instead of downloading a pdf to view the long list of programs available to the district, users can use this interactive tool to search the database for activities, filtering by location or activity. This is particularly useful for those users on the go, who use their mobile device to quickly access information.

By using our custom implementation of Drupal for municipal governments, the CVRD was able to create a new website tailored specifically to their users’ needs. Custom designs were incorporated based on the CVRD’s unique vision, and the flexible platform, with its easy-to-use interface, includes a number of user-friendly features, for both front and back-end users, that create efficiencies for CVRD staff. 

The enhanced functionality of the CVRD’s new municipal website, paired with its service-centric design, now gives users a modern and accessible, user-friendly tool to engage with the District for years to come. 


Are you looking to create a website solution completely customized to your local government? Call us today, we’d love to help. is the fourth website Upanup developed for the District in a project that also included the development of Comox Strathcona Waste Management, Comox-Strathcona Regional Hospital District, and North Island 911.

By Amanda Hemingway
Marketing & Communications
April 16th, 2018
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