italaw’s Website Puts Data in the Spotlight


Sharing information on important areas of public policy is italaw's primary mission. Crafted by Upanup Studios, italaw’s new user-centric website makes accessing their growing library of information even easier.

The challenge of designing a seamless user experience that supports the delivery of large amounts of information required close consultation with italaw and their key stakeholders. After a deep dive into site content, categorization, user expectations and client needs, Upanup developed a modern and responsive design that puts data first and promotes ease of use.

More powerful search functions exploit the addition of new data categories, which greatly increase the number of ways users can find exactly what they are looking for. A new browse function provides an outlet for more leisurely data discovery via category.

With information being added to italaw on a near daily basis, a forward looking design approach was taken in order to deliver a solution that provides efficient content management and is scalable to accommodate increased data and the addition of new categories.

As an organic entity, italaw is working to grow into its new functionality. To ensure clarity and meet user expectations, thoughtful descriptive text was added to areas, like the new “Judge” category, that are soon to be populated. While seemingly a small detail, its inclusion helps shape a positive user experience.

“Since launching the redesigned site I have received fabulous reviews from users of the site. They love the contemporary design and enhanced functionality. Thanks Upanup!"

Upanup congratulates italaw on the launch of their new site and their continued leadership in public policy information sharing. Visit italaw’s new website here.

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March 21st, 2015
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