An International Branding Appeal

Living in the age of the World Wide Web has provided access to more information and reach for both consumers and companies than ever before. For businesses small and large, understanding how to optimize local search engine results is crucial, however, understanding this on an international level may be just as important.

An Internet search in Vancouver for a shopping mall, telecommunication company, bank or travel agency will yield very different results with the exact same search done in New York. For the consumer, the benefit is having the most relevant information appear, saving them both time and effort. The company also benefits from having the right target market access your information in the right geographic areas.

The challenge then presents itself when a company wants to have international appeal and attact business from across borderlines. Potential customers may be across the globe and a localized search may harm the international business’s reach and appeal. Developing strategies to overcome this obstacle will assist in rapidly growing a company’s international brand.

Depending on the business environment, best-fit solutions can be applied to help overcome these challenges. A good amount of brainstorming and research is required on the part of the business, and we welcome you to present this challenge to Upanup Studios and together create a great opportunity.

By Brad Pizem
Client Services Director
January 27th, 2012
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