Improving Google Rankings, The First Step: Organic Search, Channel Report

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At Upanup we work with companies to help with search engine optimization, which in layman's terms means improving Google rankings. This is an ongoing task that requires consistent efforts to get ahead and stay ahead of the competition. The very first step of search engine optimization is setting up a tool to track the visitor statistics on a site, and getting regular reports that determine strategy and monitor progress.

Google Analytics is the most accessible and popular of several free and paid tools available for tracking your website's traffic. To assist those that are new to the world of search engine optimization, we have outlined below the steps to obtain a basic Organic Search Channel report once you have Google Analytics up and running.

Getting a Basic Organic Search Channel Report Automatically Emailed

1. Make sure you're on the Reporting tab on the top menu.

Google Analytics reporting tab

2. Go into the Acquisition sub-tab on the left menu, then into Channels.

Google Analytics - Acquisition - Channels

This section will tell you how your website users are finding you by channel. Most likely the majority of your traffic is from Organic Search users. Click Organic Search to see a list of keywords.

Google Analytics - Acquisition - Channels - Organic Search

These are the search terms (keywords) that brought traffic to your website. These are very important for your search engine optimization (SEO), showing if these are new or returning users, how long they stay on your website, how many pages they visit and more.

* Note for more advanced Google Analytics users: use the Secondary Dimension drop-down menu to show some interesting metrics!

Google Analytics - Acquisition - Secondary Dimensions

3. Set up a recurring report and email it to yourself. This will serve as a reminder to check your website's stats and is helpful for keeping an eye on progress. You will find this feature in the small Email button near the top of the page.

Google Analytics - Email

4. As you receive the reports, not only should you pay attention to the traffic you are getting, but also look for the gaps in your analytics.

  • For example, what kind of traffic aren't you getting? If you're expecting to get organic traffic from a certain keyword but aren't, a content marketing strategy is most likely in need.
  • Another example is, what goals do you have for the website? If the focus is on generating traffic to the website, or converting users to specific goals/actions, or brand awareness - each has its own set of reports which measure success.

If you need assistance answering any of these questions, contact us for an assessment of your traffic in relation to your strategic marketing goals.

By Charlotte O'Reilly
Senior Strategist
November 18th, 2014
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