Facebook's Mirror Effect - Which face will you use?


I feel the popularity of personal Facebook profiles is due to their ability to help us define and express who we are. Every time you log on it’s like looking at yourself in the Mirror. I selectively show elements of my life on Facebook and my friends see what I share on a daily basis.

This presents something of a problem for businesses with multiple models who are working on strategies to involve Facebook in their marketing campaigns — with too many sides and angles to your business model, a mirror doesn’t work. On the flipside, companies with very clear ideas about their identity and what they want to reflect are finding Facebook natural and easy to use.

To fully take advantage of Facebook, your business needs to decide what face it wants to present. The US Army chooses to show its recruiting/careers face, as well they highlight amazing photos of helicopters, stories of bravery and humanitarian efforts. They don’t have pages on war updates or any other negative aspects.

Another smaller example is a fishing charter company. After each charter they post a photo of happy customers with lots of fish. They know who they are, and people interested in fishing get the best possible impression of them. So simple and powerful.

Now, with the introduction of Facebook’s timeline features, that mirror has turned into a time-lapse camera. Every day you are writing a story about your company; in 5 years time what will it be about? Which face will you use?

By Corri Loschuk
Creative Director
March 8th, 2012
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