Embrace Online Change

“We don’t want to be too flashy and over-the-top.” There seems to be a common concern shared amongst companies that updating or rebuilding online communications will result in a narcissistic and in-your-face approach.

When a company or organization has the same understated, and sometimes severely lacking, web presence for a period of time it establishes a comfort zone internally and that works for a lot of people. They don’t seem to mind appearing cheap, and they like people to think they are too busy to care. They think that “If it isn’t broken, why fix it?”

The reality is that IT IS broken. If a restaurant with great food has a damaged entryway and sign and a menu that is hard to look at, it will still get customers, even if it is less than they would otherwise. However, over time, their reputation will suffer and there will be less trust that they stand for quality and have their act together. So, even though business is continuing, it is broken – and it does need to be fixed.

Rapid advances of technology and the ability for companies to provide cutting-edge design, graphics and functionality can and should be utilized to the benefit of improved marketing, communications and customer experience.

The approach that makes sense is to embrace constant change. Assume that no website will ever stop changing, no social media campaign will go on for years, and no app will be forever. The allocation of resources and money to constant digital marketing and communications change should be in line with the size of the business or organization. Clearly a small company doesn’t need to blow the bank on these things in order to keep evolving. However, change is often more challenging to implement at a large company or organization, and requires enough resources to keep things moving.

Don’t worry about being too flashy or over the top. You can come up with functional, clean and elegant marketing and communications that don’t have that issue… but at least evolving online communications will keep you on your game, keep the customers coming, and keep your reputation strong.

By Brad Pizem
Client Services Director
April 30th, 2012
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