Don't get lost in tactics. Make a digital marketing strategy.


Focusing too much on the tactical elements of digital communications can be detrimental to showing real results.

While a head down approach gets things done, there is a good chance it doesn't get the right things done. In effect, it could be like walking down a path with your head buried in your smartphone, and not noticing that you are walking in a direction that is perpendicular to where you really should be headed.

It's certainly easy to make oneself busy executing online communications, but we've found that the best approach is a focused approach that has an eye on the prize. It is well worth it for organizations to take the time and engage the right people to create a digital marketing strategy that clarifies in writing:

  1. the results you are seeking;
  2. the strategic approach that will get desired result;
  3. the actions that will gain the best return on investment; and,
  4. the creative direction to get you there.

Jumping into writing, design and development for any tactical communications (website, social media, presentation, etc.) without a documented digital marketing strategy is like building houses without plans. While you might get lucky and build something that works, a lot of it just isn't going to make sense, and there's a higher chance that you'll waste a whole lot of time and resources.

Of course, it's important to also remember that being prepared to jump into action and make ongoing changes must be part of the plan. Paralysis by analysis - or being stuck in strategy - can be just as bad as getting lost in tactical execution.

By Peter Knapp
CEO & Lead Strategist
April 5th, 2012
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