Custom Multi-Site Web Solution for Pembina Hills Public Schools

Pembina Hills Public Schools

Recently, we partnered with Pembina Hills Public Schools in Central Alberta to redesign and develop their main division website,, and their 13 individual school sites.

Along with creating a platform for parents, employees, and community members to easily access school information, we built an interactive tool to increase engagement and to help simplify internal operations for the Division as a whole. 

Utilizing a WordPress multi-site platform, we custom designed and developed a solution for the Division that houses each individual school site within the CMS. We also created a customizable website template, with a variety of colours, taglines, and fonts, for schools to showcase their personalities while maintaining cohesion across the division. 

With this new solution, the Division now has complete control of the content they publish and they're able to easily share information throughout the school network. News and events can be quickly updated, categorized, and assigned to various calendars or pages across the site, documents can be uploaded into a repository of most-referenced files for easy, one-time updating, and content can be shared across school sites with one simple click. Users are also able to post information on board meetings in a comprehensive manner, including meeting dates, post-meeting highlights, and links to DocuShare for meeting agendas and minutes.

To help with updating bus route information on the websites—a daily requirement for Division staff—we developed a custom plugin that allows users to easily update the status of bus routes, individually, by area, or altogether. Route numbers, bus drivers, statuses, and any additional comments can be inputted into appropriate form fields within the site and can be updated quickly via desktop or mobile devices—giving staff the freedom to update bus information at any time, from anywhere with an internet connection. This information is then prominently displayed across the District site and integrated into individual school sites based on specific bus routes. 

These site functions, along with the many others incorporated into the new websites, help the Division and their associated schools create efficiencies in their daily tasks and allow relevant information to be shared with the community in a timely manner. They also create an engaging, user-friendly online experience for parents, students, and teachers and create a unity across the Division. 

Are you looking to create an enhanced online experience for your school district? Call us today, we'd love to help. 






By Amanda Hemingway
Marketing & Communications
January 29th, 2018
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