Critical Web Communications for Mount Polley Tailings Breach


If you are reading the news in Canada today, you will see headlines about the Mount Polley Tailings Breach that happened last summer, and the conclusions of a report from an independent review panel. Our team has been working on the web communications for this report. Providing critical web services in helping to digitally communicate following this disaster is something we take seriously, and think of as an important role within the community for a company like ours.

We first set up a site for the independent panel that was designed to accept submissions from interested parties. The panel reported receiving 24 submissions all together. Mount Polley Tailings Breach

As of today, the website for the Mount Polley Independent Expert Investigation and Review took on a revised focus around delivery of the panel’s report.

Beyond the report itself and all of the appendices, the website provides public access to a plethora of background information through more than 5,000 files. Our team was required to quickly set up a searchable and filterable directory of all of these files online, in a manner that the public can access and download those files as needed.

By Upanup Staff
January 30th, 2015
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